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segovia con guia

Visit Segovia with an Official Guide

elenaI am Elena Mirón González, Official Guide of Tourism, Enabled by the Junta of Castile and León.

I cheer you to come and wander about the streets of Segovia with an official Guide.

I realize guided tours in the city of Segovia in Spanish and English

In Segovia Con Guia  you can find different options of visits and routes in Segovia. There are examples of routes, I adapt myself to your interests and needs according to the available time, being optimized to the maximum possibly.

Contact with me without any commitment, tell me how many people you are, what day you want  to approach to the city and how much time you have.

If you don´t have much time and if you are coming as a group in bus, you can realize a panorama tour of  the city to take an idea of Segovia as wider as possible.

If  you have one morning available, I recommend to you to follow a Route in The Capital. And if you have the whole day to expends in the city, you can visit the city and  some area from the Province.

You can contact me by phone / whassap or across the form that you will find in Segovia with Guide. Also straight through my e-mail:

We will penetrate into one of the undoubtedly more surprising cities to be discover. The city of the Aqueduct is provided with a rich Heritage for knowing and enjoying. Its streets lead you to moving you back in time, imagining how the city was in the past.

To discover and to enjoy the city, the routes are done walking, it is recommended to take comfortable footwear.

Book guided Tour in Segovia and later leave  free time to enjoy also the gastronomy of the city. Segovia is the city of the aqueduct, but also it is the city of the Suckling Pig.

You can enjoy the advantages of going of the hand of a guide with more than 15 years of experience, with direct booking, without any type of intermediaries. I will help you in your trip to do your experience as satisfactory as possible.elena 1

I will be pleased of being your Guide in Segovia.

Book a Guided Tour In Segovia. I wait for you!

segovia con guia


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