Valle del Eresma. Disfruta del cinturon Verde de Segovia

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Valley Of Eresma River.

valle del eresma

Valley of Eresma  RiverRoute: we will make a very pleasant walk starting from the aqueduct, discovering the green belt of the city of Segovia.

An unknown area of ​​the city and with much to discover. Place of great natural and monumental treasures.

On this walk we will find different buildings. From the Monastery of Santa María del Parral, the Casa de la Moneda, the church of the Vera Cruz, (the most different in Segovia by its form), the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fuencisla, (Patron of the city of Segovia) the Convent of the Discalced Carmelite Fathers (founded by San Juan de la Cruz).

The duration of the visit varies depending on the configuration of the same. We have different options, from doing only exteriors or include some of the interiors of the commented monuments.

You can configure the visit based on your preferences. Walk next to the Eresma River, enjoying the sound of the water and the wonderful views from which you can discover Segovia from this area. Recommended route for people who are used to walking and who like to enjoy nature.

It is recommended to wear very comfortable footwear

valle del eresma

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