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(Approximate duration 3 hours). Adaptable according to your available time.

The route World Heritage is the most recommended for your first visit to the city and undoubtedly the most demanded.

Segovia was proclaimed World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1985.

We will walk along the city center of Segovia, being able to discover in this route the most representative monuments. These are the Aqueduct, the Cathedral and the Alcazar.

We will penetrate into the old town of the city, knowing its main streets and more remarkable points. We will pass as well the area where the ancient Jewish quarter of Segovia was placed.

We will take the aqueduct as a starting point and will walk along our main street, which it´s called the Royal street. We will stop in the most remarkable points until we reach the Main square where  the Town hall, the Theater and our current Cathedral, (last Gothic cathedral  built in Spain) are placed.

We will go down the quarter of the canonries to go to the Alcazar of Segovia. This Alcazar was used as a Royal palace and later became a Military artillery Academy. Discover the place where they decided to locate it, making it a practically unassailable building.

In this visit you will be able to choose to follow the route enjoying the buildings from the exterior or to include a visit inside the monuments like the main synagogue, the cathedral and/or the Alcazar of Segovia. You will be provided with special group price in the ticket entrances, as you go accompanied by an official guide of Segovia.

It is recommended to use comfortable footwear for this route due to the stone pavement of the city. Accessible route  for adults and children without architectural barriers.

Discover Segovia and fall in love with it!. It will not disappoint you!



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