Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Fuencisla

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Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Fuencisla The Virgin of Fuencisla is the patron saint of the city of Segovia. Its Sanctuary was built between the years 1598 and 1613 by Francisco de Mora having been small the Renaissance extension of the original medieval hermitage there.

In its interior we find an altarpiece by Pedro de la Torre in the Altar Mayor. It is worth noting a remarkable Baroque grille from the 18th century that closes the presbytery and was donated by the drapery guild.

It is a small but very welcoming church. The Feast of our Patron takes place on September 25. Next to the Sanctuary is the Arco de la Fuencisla, which was the gateway to Segovia through the San Marcos neighborhood. We also found the San Lázaro bridge, which communicated with the old San Lázaro hospital. Outside the church there is a non-potable water source from 1824, next to which there are public restrooms that groups can use in this area.

There is a legend emerging around the image of the Virgin. She maintains that she was brought to the city in the year 71 by St. Jericho, who was the first bishop of his diocese, whose sculpture had been made by St. Luke.

Hidden during the Muslim occupation, it was found by chance by a Jewish woman from the city, reestablishing her veneration. It was canonically crowned on September 24, 1916.

It was awarded the Gold Medal of the province of Segovia in 1957

Fundación Joaquín Díaz Imagen de Nuestra Señora de la Fuencisla Segovia


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