Alcázar de Segovia

Alcazar of Segovia

Alcázar de Segovia, was a Royal Palace located on the top of a rock between the Rivers Eresma and Clamores.

It appeared documented for the first time in 1122, although it is possible that it existed in a previous period.

It was one of the favorite residences of the Kings of Castile, such as AIfonso X el Sabio and Enrique IV. From it Isabel the Catholic departed to be proclaimed Queen of Castile in the Plaza Mayor, in the Church of San Miguel.

The kings of the House of Austria visited him frequently and Felipe II celebrated the wedding with his fourth wife, Ana de Austria.

This king carried out important works in the Alcázar, like the Herrerian courtyard or cover the roofs with sharp slate spiers, in the style of the Central European castles. L

Later, the fortress began to be used as a state prison, where important characters were confined. Thus it remained until, in 1762, Carlos III founded in Segovia the Real School of Artillery, whose first Director was the count Félix Gazola, being installed in the Alcázar in 1764.

This center remained here, with slight parentheses until the 6th of March 1862, day in which a fire destroyed the roofs of the building.

From this date the College, then the Artillery Academy, went to the Convent of San Francisco de Segovia. The Alcázar was restored, in 1898 the General Military Archive was installed on the first floor of the building and in 1953 the Patronato del Alcázar de Segovia, responsible for the current Museum, was created.

In the interior and around the Patio de Armas and the Patio del Reloj are the rooms. On the left are the rooms dedicated to the Artillery College; to the right, the Palace of the Kings of Castile.

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